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We have focused on knitting wool fabric OEM/ODM for 23 yearsenterprises

Service guarantee

1.Product packaging:

    Our products use neutral packing, inside the product set of plastic bags, set of cloth bag outside, a roll of product around 50m long.
2. Ask for samples and color swatches:

    The above color swatches products, quality samples, color samples, you can ask for free. Due to many customers, courier to pay, Please kindly understanding! You can put the address and other contact information to our customer service , or SMS to inform us. We will send it to you in the fastest way.
3. Regarding to sample order:

    Because the color moment in change, we cannot have all new color. So we offering services for the guests of customizing sample and color. We will produce big goods after paying 30% deposit. When the big goods produced we will send meters sample for you to confirm first. After confirmation and full payment, and we receive payment , we will send the goods.
4. Instructions of buying fabrics:
     ①Minimum quantity:≥1000M
     ②About the freight:All the quotations are excluding freight,The Courier fee of sending sample shall be borne by the buyers; bulk production depend on the trade terms,We usually choise FOB,the port is SHANGHAI.
     ③About of color: Due to take pictures or display and other problems may be cause color difference, you can ask for free color and quality sample before place an order!
     ④About out of stock and shortages: Due to the fabric has a lot of color, the fashion color will change every year and season, our product flow also is faster. (We have the online and offline marketing sales channels, some products have no net sales records do not represent offline entities do not sell like hot cakes) In order to avoid the backlog at the same time, we will have control on production, if you have large demand, please contact us, we will do our best of production in time (but the production process needs 10-30 days)please kindly understanding. In case of a certain type of product or color out of stock or out of stock, we will contact you in time. Sometimes when not selling hot color out of stock, we will do the shelves processing, such as need the color fabrics can be replenishment, but less number of meters we do not replenishment. please kindly understanding!
5. After-sales
     If found quality problem when receive goods within 7 days can return, and on the premise of not cutting and fabric after processing on approval. Already open cut or after processing does not make return processing. Would you please understanding!
6.we'll try our to solve your trouble,tell us when you have any problem.

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TEL: +86-510-81628108

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