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[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]How to provient pilling from you beautiful coat?[ 2017-01-06 09:46 ]
When winter set in, every woman need a beautiful coat, it is not only provent cold, but also doll up you. A suitable wool coat has an amazing magic, it can make you charming even if you are not outstanding.
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]Why wool will pilling?[ 2017-01-06 09:33 ]
The wool is not as smooth as it looks like by eyes, you’ll see squama that are found throughout the fibre through the scanning electron microscope and this is why, wool is easy to pilling.
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]Choose the fake fur and to be your own star[ 2016-08-29 15:47 ]
Regardless of the presently hot TV Laojiumen or The Legend of Mi Yue in 2015. Staring Sunli, Liutao, Zhaoliying, as well as chenweiting zhangyixing, all these these stars love fur.
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]What is Mercerized wool[ 2016-08-23 10:07 ]
the Mercerized wool will be more smooth, glossy, finely than Unmercerized wool , and this property will continue to the wool yarn and the finally fabric.
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]why don't we substitute faux fur for real fur[ 2016-08-15 13:24 ]
Faux fur is good enough to satisify us ,So why do we still need real fur?
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]Lucky textile is participating at the Texworld - Fabric fair Paris now![ 2015-02-12 03:17 ]
Lucky textile is participating at the Texworld - Fabric fair Paris now!
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]Clothing performance for men's wear[ 2015-01-31 15:37 ]
Clothing performance for men's wear
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]Clothing performance for lady's wear[ 2015-01-31 15:35 ]
Clothing performance for lady's wear
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]Wool top jacquard equipment[ 2015-01-31 15:27 ]
Wool top jacquard equipment
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]Weft knitting equipment[ 2015-01-31 15:17 ]
Weft knitting equipment
[Certificates]ISO14001:2004[ 2014-09-29 13:47 ]
LUCKY TEXTILE Patent: Environmental Management System Certification
[Certificates]Oeko-Test-100[ 2014-09-26 10:37 ]
LUCKY TEXTILE Patent: Oeko-Test-100
[Certificates]LUCKY TEXTILE Patent: Quality Management System Certification[ 2014-09-02 11:31 ]
LUCKY TEXTILE Patent: Quality Management System Certification
[Certificates]LUCKY TEXTILE Patent: The International Certification Network[ 2014-09-02 11:30 ]
LUCKY TEXTILE Patent: The International Certification Network
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]Seven Fabrics standards will be developed[ 2014-09-01 11:43 ]
Recently, the Ministry announced in 2010 the first batch of industry standards revised plan, a total of seven fabrics standards will be developed. This seven Fabrics criteria were: wool knitted fabric, polyester (Kam) waterproof breathable nylon raincoat fabric, modified polyester outdoor fabrics, liquid ammonia finishing knitted fabrics, knitted composite taking fabrics, knitted fabrics and knitted woolen jacquard velvet fabric . It is understood that the seven standards are by the National Standardization Technical Committee textile wool textile branch, textile printing and dyeing branch, b
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]Starting to high-end applications - Interview with Vice President of China Knitting Industry Association, Lam Kwong-hing[ 2014-09-01 11:17 ]
Knitting industry in the field of textiles and clothing to occupy an increasingly important position, the wide range of knitted products used in almost all areas of human life. However, with the national economy has entered a period of adjustment, industrial restructuring knitting industry has entered a new stage, in this context, the rapid development of the industry to resolve outstanding issues in relation to the legacy of industrial restructuring industry effectiveness. In the recently held biennial 2013 National knitting technology exchange meeting, from business and industry associations
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]Consumers buy clothing known as coated fabrics do not worry knowledge[ 2014-09-01 11:15 ]
Fabric varieties on the market today, more and more kinds of new products emerging in the market for fabric finishing more and more attention, coating, bronzing, flocking, composite, after finishing a variety of ways turned pattern appears. Many shop owners at the time the consumer recommendation clothing, often said, this is a coating, bronzing, etc., some of the new term confusing. Today, edit a lot of clothing circle just as we talk about the market some special layer fabric.
[LUCKY TEXTILE dynamic]Congratulations on the successful completion of companies in Hong Kong Fabric Exhibition[ 2014-09-01 11:11 ]
27-30 April 2014, the four-day "2014 Spring Global Sources (Hong Kong) Fabric Clothing Exhibition" opened in Hong Kong, the exhibition organized by the Global Sources, sellers from 98 countries and regions, and more than 10,000 buyers attended the exhibition. Our Ministry of Foreign Trade Organization three people participated in the exhibition, this exhibition, "wool fabric" has become a hot keyword, Our production of knitted woolen subject to favorable site enthusiastic response.
[CASE]LUCKY TEXTILE case: HM[ 2014-09-01 10:46 ]
[CASE]LUCKY TEXTILE case: ZARA[ 2014-09-01 10:46 ]
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