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Product Name:Black and Red Stripe Sheep Shearling Fabrics P17010

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      Black and Red Stripe Sheep Shearling Fabrics P17010
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    Serial number P17010
    Ingredients W 100% 
    Uses Coat
    Weight 850 G/M
    Width 155cm

    1. The selection of fine Australian merino wool, wool is qualitative uniform, long curly, colour and lustre is natural, health, feel is exquisite and elastic.

    2. Mature wool blended technology to provide you with more affordable, better performance of knitted fabrics of cloth.

    The factory strictly implement ISO14001:2004 environmental quality management system, ISO9001:2008 quality management system and USES the European environmental dyes and auxiliaries(Oelo-tex standerd100). Make sure that the fabric environmental protection index reached the international first-class level.JingaYin Lucky Textile Co.,Ltd was named brand-name company of jiangsu province,The credit scores is the highest level "AAA".

    1. The grey fabric weaving process for circular knitting machine weft knitting. Fabric has a certain scale and decoherence.
    2. To piece dyeing, the dyeing and finishing in order to ensure to minimize cylinder is poor, the manufacturer will provide each of the fabric article horse kind of color, the quality control in a timely manner.
    3. Join in the process of fabric finishing with a certain amount of softening agent and antistatic agent, but as a result of polyester fiber content is higher, in animal wool products strong friction is easy to generate static electricity.
    Wool and its blended fabric for as far as possible dry cleaning, when cleaning and chlorine bleaching.

    1. The packaging is the inner PVC packaging, outer layer adopts nylon fabric bag. Delivery process to ensure from fire, avoid water, neatly stacked, avoid sharp objects packaging, stored in a cool and dry place.

    2. The cylindrical packing, weight 25 kg per roll ~ 50 kg, stacked easy to collapse, to step by step when loading and unloading of cargo loading and unloading, in case of landslides.

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    Add: No.12, Xinqiao Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu (214426), China.