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What is Knitted Woolen Fabric?[ 07-11 11:05 ]
Knitted woolen fabric is a kind of thicker wool fabric
Difference knitted fabrics and woven fabrics[ 09-02 16:42 ]
1 woven fabric is made ??of interwoven by latitude and longitude, so there are two directions of latitude and longitude. The knitted fabric is made ??from a coil constant tacking, and therefore have a certain flexibility. 2 As handle is subject to the impact of a series of yarn count, weave, and the like after the whole. But usually knitted fabric feel softer. We wore underwear as representative objects, etc. are knitted sweaters. We wore suits, shirts, jeans are woven fabrics.
Advantages and disadvantages of knitting wool and woolen fabrics of[ 09-01 11:52 ]
As a woolen coat fabric, its physical properties is very important, has been based mainly woven wool, but with the development of knitting technology, market demand for woolen fabrics knitted woolen gradually biased. So knitted woolen and woven woolen have wha...
Increase creativity woolen fabric pin varieties[ 09-01 11:51 ]
Recently, the China Textile City, the local traditional market turnover continued smooth woolen fabric, increased pin varieties, winter fabrics concussion public retraction spring creative fabrics pre-empted, the market continues to show highlights. Fashion woven woolen cloth hanging like a local increase of listed species, the thin fabric interaction with thick fabrics, local increase in the spot market, spot volume small in the big, some varieties of orders shipped local counterparts have increased, increase the daily transaction varieties, increasing color in fabrics, interactive creative f
Fancy woolen fabric colors[ 09-01 11:50 ]
Fancy woolen fabric with plain, twill and organizational changes, the use of raw materials are all wool, wool viscose blended, polyester or wool hair sticky sticky acrylic blended and sticky, nitrile pure chemical fiber. Fancy woolen fabrics press it into the surface appearance of the style it faces, grain surface and suede three. It faces a slight fuzz fancy woolen fabrics, textured twilight, close texture, thick, feel slightly harder, it faces after finishing generally use fancy woolen fabrics or light fulling fulling not nap or light nap. Fancy woolen fabric surface texture surface pattern
Process characteristics fancy woolen fabrics[ 09-01 11:49 ]
Fancy varieties woolen woolen fabric is in a unique style, fancy woolen fabric is characterized by the appearance of "flower." Woolen and worsted tweed similar in thin, fancy woolen fabrics is to use two or more monochromatic yarn, blended yarn, plied clip color line, fancy line with the organization with a variety of patterns, thus weaving adult characters, sliver , plaid, star points, jacquard, clip purl well sliver wide, narrow, light and dark, such as the geometry of fancy woolen fabric.
Maintenance of knitted fabrics[ 09-01 11:46 ]
Do you know how to maintain it knitted fabrics? 1, knitted fabrics to beat the dust before washing, soak in cold water for 10-20 minutes, squeezed out the water, add detergent solution or soap solution, scrub gently, then rinse. In order to guarantee the color of the sweater can be dropped into 2% acetic acid in water (vinegar also) to soap and residue. After the wash, squeeze the water, shake loose, loaded network bag, hung in ventilated place to dry, avoid wringing or exposure. 2, washing with tea, not only can wash the dust, but also to make the sweater does not fade and prolong life.
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